Athens is such an interesting city to visit. Usually people go on holidays to Greek islands such as Crete or Rhodes and discover that country only from island's point of view. However, Athens is a different world. I was so amazed of it, because despite that historical look it surprised me with many things. One of these things were people <3

I met Yorgos and Katerina thanks to facebook. But when it came to our real meeting just before taking photos I knew choosing them was great decision. That short warm-up with them while sipping starbucks coffee showed me two people who love each other so much. Katerina is a pre-school teacher and adores spending time with kids. Yorgos is PhD on National Technical University of Athens and has such good sense of humour. The photo shoot was great fun with them and they told me plenty of interesting things about Athens. What is even more important they were so relaxed that I could tell a beautiful story about their heartfelt love by my photos.